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FA-B-CCA Basic Freeze Alarm W/Voice Alarm FA-B-CCA Basic Freeze Alarm W/Voice Alarm

The Basic FreezeAlarm provides the most cost effective means to protect your home, cabin or business against winter freeze up and the resulting water damage caused by burst pipes.
The Basic FreezeAlarm will automatically call one telephone number when the temperature drops below 45F (7C) and play a factory recorded alarm message in English. It will continuously call every 15 minutes or 2 hours until you acknowledge the alarm by calling back to your remote home or cabin.

The Basic FreezeAlarm is the affordable solution to protecting your home or cabin and it now has a voice alarm message!

The Basic FreezeAlarm can optionally alarm if the temperature rises above 85F (29C) making it a perfect way to alert you of failed air conditioning.

Our Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $49.85
You save $29.15!
FA-DX Freeze Alrarm FA-DX Freeze Alrarm

The FA-DX (fahrenheit) Freeze Alarm monitors temperature, power status, security or an external contact, and offers remote switch control capability. Upon an alarm condition, the freeze alarm automatically dials up to three phone numbers with a voice message. Current temperature and alarm conditions can be checked by calling the freeze alarm from any remote location.

Applications include remote temperature, power and security monitoring of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment for buildings (homes, cabins and commercial buildings) and monitoring of any relay output system or sensor. The remote switch control feature can be used to control thermostats or equipment from any touch tone phone.

Our Price: $298.00
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